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Default What I look for in a breeder

I don't know if I should be posting this or not . It seems that there are many people who look for breeders here and not many say what they would like from a breeder. I thought it would be nice to see the otherside since it seems most breeders are expected to just trust that the buyer is "ok".

What I look for:

a breeder that does the health testing they should (eyes, diseases, hips, etc.) and supplies copies of certificates.

one that doesn't care if they get a call at 3 am about X pet getting sick and me not sure what to do.

one that doesn't take full payment until pup is ready to ship or is at least born

a breeder that takes the time to socialize the parents and puppies including introducing them to new situations early on.

a breeder that takes the time to put titles on the puppies themselves. While that may not indicate a "good" breeder it does tell me that they may have more of a genuine interest in the breed rather than a money interest. I know of a few other breed breeders that title their dogs to try to make the puppies "worth" more and still don't care about the puppies or where they go.

somebody that asks for and wants picture updates on their puppies they sell. Not just to check the overall health of the puppy but to also keep a conection with the buyer.

I like contracts or some sort of written agreement between breeder/buyer that outlines everyones expectations.

I want to know that if for some unthinkable reason things don't work out or I can no longer keep the puppy I can feel free to send the puppy back. I do NOT a breeder that tells me, " tough cookies! He/She is your problem now".

Somebody I can freely speak with about what we (pet and I) are doing
and ask for suggestions on what I should try differently. In my humble opinion I believe we all encounter challenges with our pets that we may be uncertain on how to handle...just as our own human children.

A breeder that is experienced enough with dogs to know what to suggest but that isn't so convinced they are always right and therefore not open to other suggestions.

While I may not be "The Best" or "The Most Experienced" person in the galaxy I still want a breeder that knows I am trying to do everything correctly. I WANT and NEED them to be a part of this without treating me like I am less than human for not knowing what to do in each situation.

A breeder that doesn't have more litters than they can possibly count in one year.

A breeder that is selective about potential owners.

a breeder that has no problem providing some references, even a written statement from their vet.

one that supplies copies of registration of both sire and dam including a pedigree

I like a breeder that if knowing I don't want to breed, they ask that they either alter the pet in their country or I alter here. If I alter here then I don't think it hurts to say to me, the buyer, that if I alter here I must supply written proof of the alteration. I don't think it's a bad idea for breeders to also mention that once the alteration is done then "X" amount will be refunded...that can act like a sort of an added bonus for some (doesn't bother me either way).

Some breeders in the United States tell their buyers that if they title their puppy then the can get $ back for each title. While that is a great idea it may not work for all. It does, in my humble opinion, encourage buyers to work more with their dogs and it can also help filter out people who have no true intentions of doing anything with their puppy. All in the same breath though, sometimes dogs just don't work out for titles because it's not part of "who" the pup is. It's my personal opinion that just because a pup looks to be cut out for conformation shows doesn't mean that is the best for the puppy/dog. No matter what is done with the puppy/dog it's happiness should be first. I look for a breeder that knows the difference.

Most of all...HONESTY

Ok, so this got a little long. I hope I didn't bore anyone LOL! There is so much more than I can put on paper. More that just has to be worked out between buyer/seller over time and more time.

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I think your expectations from the breeder are quite right. Maybe you have many of them, but then, they all are reasonable and o.k. If you are really looking for a puppy now, then I wish you good luck with finding just that kind of breeder, you just described.
It might be hard, but if you keep looking, yes, they do exist!
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Few words, again.
No babies born yet, so i have time to read your texts, and write something as well.

I agree with Massimo that everybody don’t want make all info about their dogs public, and
they are still good people. It won’t make them worst. We are different, and is good (that we are not all the same),
I know many breeders who hate internet.

What makes breeder good?
I think is many things, not only one or two.

To xray dogs is good, but we should not breed only hips.
We should breed hole breed, entire dog, character, healthyness, exterior etc.
and we should breed as long target, not only litter by litter, but we should think years forward.

For me, most important thing in dog is totality. Dog should be good familymember, dog should be healthy,
dog should be suitable for it’s made used for, and dog should fit in it’s standard.

Especially with working breeds is dog owner very important. Dog owner makes all results for the dog,
and lot of depence activity of your puppyowner. Breeders affair is to make good dogs for it’s purpose.

Breeding is not easy work. To make puppies is easier.
Every breeder will have adversities sooner or later. Depence on breeder, how breeding goes after that.
if breeder react on adversities, and try to correct it, it will be hopefully more better year by year, if not, will be more problems year by year.

With new puppyowners breeders should thought always, that this could be a new breeder later as well. This is very important.

How people keep dogs,not only dogs, but all animals is always important, is not important only for breeders.
Important for breeders is to check new puppyowners, that they are really suitable for puppy or breed, will keep it in good conditions and can handle with it.

Most of my dogs are xrayed, not only hips, but back and elbows as well,
most of my dogs are eye tested my dogs are dna tested as well, but I don’t keep myself as
an excellent or better breeder than somebody else who maybe don’t make all the test I had done.

I try to do my best, but I had my adversities as well, and only I can do, is try learn from it, and correct my mistakes,
not try to find worst breeder than me, and lift it’s adversities for everybody to see,
so that maybe people forget my mistakes after I had found worst breeder to speak about.

For me, good breeder consist from many things.

And I say always, that we all should listen to each others, maybe we can learn something,
and especially beginners with the breed are not the right ones to criticize others.

Need lot of experience, and knowledge before can really say, that is a good, excellent breeder, and can advice others like a master.

Ok, here was some words again. It could be more easy to all of us wrote in mother language,
or most easy to sit down on the same table , and have a long chat.

We have something in common, Ceskoslovensky Vlcak and it’s future.
Take good care of it!

-Suski, from Finland
I believe in the Wolf, her spirit and her strength.
I respect the power they have and will.
Walk beside them and protect them my entire life.
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This is getting really interesting. The courious thing is that I understand each one of you a little bit but not in all points

Suski, I really love your point of view and wish you all the best for you and the kids.

What I really miss is a simply honest explaination like "I love wolfish csv and I dont care if they are shy or not as long as they look like a wolf. " I am pretty sure I have heard this before. And I have seen many wonderful/beautiful dogs which were really shy and I though what a shame. Such a wonderful dog and such a bad character

Where is the problem to agree? I think the only problem is, that these dogs would never pass a proper bonitation and actually they should not be allowed to breed with. And this is what the owner or certain breeder do not agree/ cope with. They think it is a waste not to breed with a dog like this and they do not care about. They keep on going to produce good looking shy dogs. Everyone who wants to buy a puppy should be aware of this. And also that these dogs possibly are not within the standard because of this.

Here we come to the next point: Health. I fully understand that breeder and owner do not like computer, do not own computer or something like this, but I wonder why it should not be possible for each country to have a stud book with the results and information of studdogs. Male and female. OPEN to the PUBLIC like here on wolfdog. Well, in different countries the are different regulations for breeding. So this means if I need excibitions and x-rays only- it is a stud dog in this country. It is up to me, if this is good enough, or if I would like to have a bonitation and an endurance run

Actually I do prefer dogs like it. Because it is a working breed. And would like to make sure I can work with my dog.

Finally, each of us has to decide what kind of dogs we like and we want to have. And it is up to us: Owner, Buyer and Breeder, to ask for this dog.

I have to admit, there are only very few breeder where I would buy a dog without hesitating and where I can be sure what the idea of the planned litter is.

Yes, I have a favourite breeder and I would be thrilled to find out who is your - and why- but this is a thing not to ask in public because many people would feel attacked like happening here and this is something I do not want.


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