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View Poll Results: WHO IS ARMIN?
Armin is German Shepherd Dog 7 14.00%
Armin is Czechoslovakian Wolfdog 2 4.00%
Armin is a Mix 41 82.00%
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The wise thing about Armin x Wolf descendants is exactly the fact that Armin is a mix. Probably Armin is more heterozygous than the purebred CWD. Armin x Wolf cross offsprings are less homozygous than a cross between a pure CWD x Wolf. And it is the offsprings (Mutara) that matters. They are the ones that will be bred to a pure CWD. Not Armin himself. When the CWDs are more linebred, inbred and homozygous than the "Mutaras"; the CWD genes will dominate the offsprings in less generations than if CWD would be crossed with a purebred, linebred Shepherd or (often very inbred) zoo-wolf. So braking up the wolfs homozygousity with a different dog can be fortunate before crossing it to a purebred CWD.

The next wise thing about Armin is that he has good working qualities and temperament. A very important factor when breeding to a pure wolf. Cant you see that this is strategy - dogbreeding is a tedious process. Go look at the original Working-Shepherds used to create our breed. Genetics is more than a beauty-contest.

Armin is NOT an ugly creature. Such characteristics are not descriptive of a working dog. Those of you whom cannot differentiate more exact than between beautiful and awful are in danger of reducing our working breed to a simple show-dog!.

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That is often the big problem,breeds get hijacked by the show people and are bred to conform to a standard which is changed to suit the market and all working ability is lost,two breeds I work with have suffered badly from this and it is now very hard to find a real working GSD or Rottweiler hence everyone is turning to the Malinois.
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Wolfwoman I don't think Armin is awful,I just think he is a crossbreed.I, like Paul, totally agree with you.
We humans can learn alot from our animal sisters&brothers about love,community support and respect for each other!
Whether Armin is pure or not is the question posed,he may well possess qualities that could enhance a breed but thats by-the-by.Everything has a beginning somewhere and it's not how it began but what it brings to our lives thats important!
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