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Originally Posted by bengan View Post
Paul... "i will send you CD with everything on" .. you have my address.. but now will not send it ...even if I reimburse you for the postage..?

This is exactly what your problem is.. you say/claim/promise one thing and then when you have to back up what you have just said.. or when someone asks you a question which is not in line with what you are claiming you change your story.
You have been claiming to have prove of all your accusations and or claims. When asked.. you say you can't publish it yet because of some law suit or legal action you are taking..
After quite some time and nothing happening..and everyone wanting to know what you have..you first you said you would make all the information available on your website for just one day.. which you never did...
then you tell me if I give you my address you will send it to me.... which you have done...
and how you say you'll only send it to one person... who has not even asked you for it....
come on Paul.... just once do what you say you will do..

i have sent copy to Koos and Letty because i trust them so they already know the truth about it, as long as my friends know all i state is true is all that matters to me, i tried to warn people from buying bastard dogs and i get jumped on because at time i could not give any info out, wee bit of news as no one else seems to get any news in Europe of what is going on,, ON 10 th december corrie has to appear for the "Tucht Commissie" (Board of Disciplinairy Measures)
[for judging at an unofficial clubmatch in Finland as an FCI Judge] supprised you had not heard of this, it is talk of dog world in Europe at present,,, i stated also that it was very strange that corrie has two affixs for kennels with the kennel club, people say i tell lies you can not have two affixs, no one has this, funny if you look it up on this web site it clearly shows she has two, thank you to the person who ammended this for me because it is true, so this was not a lie either but the truth, the DNA tests do not tell lies they were done by professional people who will give evidence in court.....
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