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Originally Posted by Ezio View Post
Dears , we have a threaten ! and I am asking for YOUR HELP !
Here in Italy somebody provided hairs and blood of some CSVs to a researcher who was studying the Italian Wolfs .
This scientist after few months ended with the results (published in an University press article) of his study : the CSV is ''dangerously similar to the wolf from a genetic point of view'' .
This statement while scientifically questionable ... but who is going to argue about this ???? !!! .... while scientifically questionable has put some doubts or better some threatens among the people belonging to WWF and deeply engaged with the ''SAVE THE ITALIAN WOLF'' campaign also sponsored by WWF.
Then ... somebody had the FUNNY idea to propose a project of law to the Italian Congress asking to sterilize all the CSVs registered in Italy so they cannot pollute the genetic peculiarities belonging to the Italian wolf ... just in case the CSV would be left abandoned roaming around the Italian mountains and forests .
This is a problem for Center Italy and not for North Italy (where the wolf is NOT any more present since centuries ago) .

By the way ... it might be that the funny project of law will go to the congress by summertime ... and profiting from the fact of the holiday time = lack of important things do be bothered and lack of congress men . ... + the support coming from the powerful lobby of mislead WWF people ... it might be ... I say it might !!!!!!!! ... the law could be approved and then the Government could be obliged to ask for the sterilization of the entire population of CSVs ....

I know this is CRAZY ! but believe me , in Italy everything is possible even the funniest and most tragic things .... and I don't want to take any political position .

PLEASE, can anybody provide some scientific evidence of total diversity between CSVs and wolves ?
Can anybody provide scientific probes about the difficulties found while trying to cross wolves and dogs or CSVs ?

I should like to have some scientific material supporting my believes (and my friends also) i.e. : CSVs ARE DOGS ! and they share NOTHING with wolves ... they just have some physical similarity but nothing else ... so ... either the Italian Gov. should sterilize all the DOGS independently from their breed either they should JUST FORGET these funny theories ! ...
The risk of having dogs freely roaming the mountains and the forests IS SIMPLY NOT AVOIDABLE !

To close this request of help I should like to point to the facts that PEOPLE (in GUILTY good faith ) should GIVE UP SPEAKING about CSVs LIKE BARE WOLVES ... IT IS A VERY BAD HABIT AND NOT DESERVING ANY GOOD TO OUR BELOVED CSVs ... at the opposite they can scare people in a USELESS WAY .
despite his wild looking .

Speaking about ''barely wolf'' is JUST A SILLY WAY OF ADVERTISING to gather commercial interest and commercial opportunities between people willing to have something VERY WILD at home .... and after few months they will get rid of the toy because bored by his behavior and bored by the engagements related to a nice animal like this (not a toy!!!).
To sell CSVs in this way it might generate BIG TROUBLES to the CSV breed.


Ezio Lucenti
ciao Boss Ezio its me elvie try to call me and heres my#+063 09278256268 pls i've been looking for you where are you now
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