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Default Florida's senate is voting to remove the ban on BSL

BSL = Breed Specific Legislation. Legislation that specifically targets a specific breed of dog.


The state of Florida has a law banning breed specific legislation. The only county that has such laws is Miami-Dade where they banned pit bulls (this law was grandfathered in).

If this passes, then municipalities will be allowed to enact laws that target specific breeds of dogs. Like many laws, this would punish responsible owners (irresponsible ones don't care about the law and seem to get away with it most of the time).

I've called and emailed my senator with NO response. Not even a "we'll look into it" email from his assistant. Obviously he doesn't care that the law punishes responsible owners nor does he know enough that laws like this are only supported by people who don't know enough about dogs and dog breeds. It looks like my local senator, Senator Jeremy Ring, and his office don't want to listen to the people who hired him.

There are very few "bad" breeds of dogs - most have very limited breeding programs and are NOT in the USA (I think there is one breed that is bred and trained to be aggressive towards humans but it is only used in Argentina as a prison guard dog). I think most attacks (and I mean the vast majority) are from bad owners and bad training.

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