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Per Olav
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Default More GSD info. Please.

Hi Ann.
Yes, I do think so, thanks to you all.
I don't want to put to much info on the subject GSD, just a brief one of
the origin of the breed compared to that of the CsW.
After all, we're debating the CsW and not the GSD. But as much as possible
must be verified if the authorities ask for details.
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Default More GSD info. Please.

Hi Per Olav,

Some other thing you could mention, when contacting the authorities: CsV
is the national breed of Slovakia (would banning it be a little bit odd
too ...)

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Default Wolfdog and GSD

I am new to this forum and I would like to ask something about wolfdog and Czech GSD.
Do you guys think Czech GSD contain any wolf bloodine or Czech GSD is a pure german shepherd?
If you breed a wolfdog to a GSD, what would happen?
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I would highly recommend to read Ann Dresselhaus writings on German Shepherds early history. Says she: "The original German Shepherd studbook, Zuchtbuch fur Deutsche Schaferhunde, shows several pure wolves were used to create the breed.
Link to this reading: http//www.grapevvine.net-wolf2dog/gsd.1.htm.
Or you can read Kate McMahons writings on "The Myth and Controversy Surrounding the Alsatian Wolf Dog" at: http://pages.infinit.net/paww/alsa.html

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In my opinion, the only way to fully answered this question is to try to built the entire pedigree of the dog(s) you're speaking of.

You can have a look to this German Sherpherd database :


and use Search Engines to complete your search...

And as an answer to the second request : puppies will be out of the breed!!!... I hope...

Best regards

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