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Giovanni Todaro
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Predeterminado Bestia de Gévaudan y datos históricos sobre la antropofagia del lobo

Nuevo libro en Inglese sobre la historia de la Bestia de Gévaudan con datos históricos sobre la antropofagia del lobo de la Edad Media hasta la actualidad, en Europa y en Asia, Oriente Medio y América del Norte.

I am sending this communication, if you are interested. Thank you.

New book in English on the history of the Beast of Gevaudan with historical data on the anthropophagy of the wolf from the Middle Ages to the present in Europe and in Asia, the Middle East and North America.

The man-eater of Gévaudan

This is a true story, happened in France in the XVIII century. It talks about the hunt, lasted for a good four years, against a mysterious anthropophagous beast, which plunged into terror the poor people of the Gévaudan and of the Auvergne, today Lozère. The animal was terribly lethal, shrewd, elusive, but also ferociously reckless and apparently invulnerable. This is the story of the men in charge of killing what was simply nicknamed the Beast, of the strategies which were carried out, of the beatings that were made even with dozens of thousands of men and many packs of dogs, of the long posts in the wild mountains of that area with such a terrible climate, so described : “Nine months of winter, three months of hell”. In spite of the soldiers and the famous hunters sent by the King of France, the monstrous beast continued committing slaughters most of all of women and children, attacking hundreds of times and making at least 131 victims, many of which were devoured. Only after years of terror the Beast was finally killed and they were able to ascertain which species it belonged to. Thanks to the impressive quantity of official documentation of the time, the told facts are not imaginary, but they are a scrupulous historical description of the events, treated in an enthralling and unusual way by the author, who is not only a naturalist journalist and historian, but also consultant of the Italian authorities for the identification and bloodless capture of potentially dangerous animals. Therefore, a theoretical and practical analysis of the facts which makes the book one of the most detailed treatment about the “man-eaters” and which conveys fascination, adventure and terror.
The part on the wolf's historic anthropophagy (and current in some states) consisted: France, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Switzerland, Germany, Austria, Poland, Romania, Sweden, Norway, as well as countries of 'East, Ukraine, Belarus, Finland, Turkey, Russia, Korea, China, Mongolia, Japan, India, Pakistan, Iran, Iraq, Yemen, Afghanistan and Arab countries, Canada and the United States.

For sale on Lulu com: (search Books - Lulu)
The man-eater of Gévaudan
Ebook available - ISBN: 978-1-291-51098-0
Paper book available from August 30, 2013 – ISBN: 978-1-291-50340-1
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