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Thank you publishing this text because it will be easier to show the manipulation of Czech breeding commitee. Unfortunately you did it most probably against Mr. Harlts will because his will was to remove all text written by him from I have a written text signed by him that only official Czech club pages ( may publish his publications...

And now back to the text:
Nel 1997, abbiamo valutato in una riunione della Commissione d'allevamento lo stato preoccupante della displasia dell'anca (successivamente sigla HD) nel Cane lupo Cecoslovacco (successivamente sigla Clc) ed abbiamo cercato di trovare una soluzione su come poter migliorare la situazione.
We saw these HD statistics and this is really a huge manipulation. According to them about 80% of all CzWs in CZ are not HD-free. But:

1) in the statistics they count the HD-B result as dysplatic dogs (according to FCI rules "B" means the hips are suspicious but without HD).

2) They counted it on a very small population. On club conference J. Jedlicka and M. Soukupova said in the public that it is impossible to make any HD statistics because there are two few checked individuals but one year later they make such statistics and use it as argument for crossings.

3) Yearly there are about 20-30 wolfdogs x-rayed in Czech Republic. So only 1 HD-free dog is changing overall statistics by 5% and one litter of 7 dogs may change it by even 30-40%!

4) For HD results in Czech republic is responsible only one veterinarian, Dr. Sterc. And Mr. Sterc is famous for his very strange way of judging. Some years ago he judged much more breeds but at the time when he started for example to evaluate Belgian Shepherds the number of dogs with results HD-C and more increased about 20-30%. And all other breed clubs cancelled the contract with Mr. Sterc. Now he's judging only CzWs and Black Russian Terriers. As an example there are dozens of CzWs x-rayed every year in CZ and which make second HD abroad (Slovakia, Germany, Italy and Poland) and by about 90% of cases the difference is enormous: HD-C in CZ is HD-A abroad. But it is not suprising because Mr. Sterc writes by HD-C dogs in protocal that these dogs have perfect hips. So now the Czech people laught that they have the most perfect dysplatic hips in Europe.

5) To make any evaluation of breed situation the Czech commitee should not only take in consider the Czech results but also results from Italian, German, Dutch and Slovakian dogs. They don't want to do this because it would destroy the only argument for Mutara crossings.

1) Nel caso in cui gli ibridi dovessero adempire le condizioni dello standard Clc
Even if they would look like a German Shepherdog they will get a note "fitting to the standard". Why? Because the judgement was made by the mix owners themselves or their friends.

Audrey Lupo Mutara - was judged once by Mrs. Soukupova and second time by Mr. Jedlicka (owner of Ave Lupo Mutara). Audrey had bonitation made by Mrs. Soukupova
Ave Lupo Mutara - judged by Mrs. Simackova (good friend of Mrs. Soukupova and Mr. Jedlicka) and bonitated by Mrs. Soukupova.

parteciperanno fuori di gara anche alle esposizioni del Club ed alle esposizioni speciali del Clc.
The mixes were always judged in the contest not outside of it.


Audrey Lupo Mutara - Club dog show in Roudnice 2003 - youth class
Audrey Lupo Mutara - Special dog show in Zbraslav 2003 - working class
Ave Lupo Mutara - Special dog show in Svetla 2004 - open class
Nuk Seda Eminence & Ave Lupo Mutara - Dog Show in Svetla 2004 - best couple competition

So they are breaking even the rules of Hartl.

3) All'età di 1 anno si dovranno fare le lastre per appurare lo stato di HD delle anche. Secondo i risultati si stabilirà se il lupo è stato dominante nel passaggio dell'HD negativo. Nel qual caso così fosse, continuare nel loro allevamento con i Clc e seguire l'HD fino alla generazione F4. Nel caso d'insuccesso tra F1 - F4 l'esperimento verrà concluso.
It is already now for 100% that one of the Mutaras is not HD-free. So the whole experiment should be closed as unsuccessful. But no way. The both females are supposed to get puppies these year - male dogs are already known.

Lo ZOO di Praga ha rifiutato prendere parte a questo esperimento non volendo lastrare il lupo e ponendo come condizione che la femmina di Clc da coprire sarebbe dovuta rimanere almeno 3 settimane in quarantena. Nel frattempo con l'aiuto del Sig. P. Hanu¹ka e della Sig.ra M. ©imùnková abbiamo fatto lastrare i lupi dello ZOO di Plzeò ed anche in questo caso le anche erano pulite.
They checked only European wolves but the mother of Mutaras, Lupina, is a Canadian wolf of unknown origin and unknown HD results.

Ma come un lampo a ciel sereno è arrivato il Sig. Hrach con la notizia che era riuscito a fare coprire la propria lupa canadese con il suo cane PT senza pedigree ottenuto da cucciolo dall'allevamento della polizia
Dog of Hrach, Armin is not German Shepherdog. He wrotes some article in Czech dog magazine that he bought Armin from family which is living near army station. Father of Armin is unknown but Hrach once wrote that he suspects that it could be some kind of Malamute mix because of some characteristics of Armin.

e con il quale ha superato tutti i brevetti di lavoro vincendo anche una gara ufficiale per cani poliziotto.
The people from Czech army laugh about it because they said: "you're stupid that you use Armin" because he has a lot of exams but he hasn't a stable character. His only strong side is tracking - but in this displine every CzW is very good. Armin was nothing special in obedience and protection work. So there is nothing what he could improve when it comes to character.

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