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you have to take in consideration not only your dog, but also the kid that is going to be with him.
for example, I have a male CSV and several little children come often: if the kids are afraid of dogs, and they scream, run, etc... then the dog gets nervous, and its better not to have them together... but if the kid likes dogs, and he is not afraid, then the dog undertands, and treat him wth calm and respect.
One funny and crazy example is a 3 year old kid that really likes the dog, he is always asking about him, and when he comes, kid and dog are playing together, and even the kid opens his mouth to let the dog lick him !
Other considertation: the place. If kid and dog are in the ouside, on a soft and beatiful green grass.... then perfect; if the dog makes the kid fall, no one gets hurt... but in the inside of a flat, or with hard stone floors, or dangerous table corners around... things like that... carefull; big chance of having an accident.
for last: I never let my dog alone with kids younger than 10. Just in case.
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