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Originally Posted by admin View Post
All dogs from the kennel Crying wolf born since 2004 are marked as "MIXes". It is the result of a lack of authorization to conduct DNA testing of individual litters and dogs which tried to do not only do the owners of dogs from this kennel, but also the official clubs. Since the Hungarian Kennel Club does not control their breeders, and the owner of "Crying wolf" kennel (which crossed Saarloos and Czechoslovakian Wolfdogs - mixes are min litters S and R and their offsprings) refuses to cooperate (which shows the fear of detection of other crosses) I decided to introduce such drastic measures.

The way to remove the "MIX" is very easy - just show the dog's paternity leading to the dogs bred in Slovakia or Czech Republic. In this case the mother is a bitch from Slovakia, all you need to do is to show that the male listed in the pedigree of Murad is real father of this dog (and it is not one of the Crying Wolf mixes owners by the Crying Wolf kennel).

In this way, I already cleared of the charges following dogs and all offsprings: Yvain Crying Wolf and Gisotsu Crying Wolf.

I'm sorry about that, but we are dealing with the breeder-swindler. And, unfortunately, the puppies have to be regarded as the results of possible subsequent frauds made by this person.
your words are not credible when you keep checking Yvain with "(_?_)" after testing , headaches and dozens of emails to your checking follow him so.
You have the same credibility as my president of government.....
Explains and convinces me why I will spend my money to do some tests which will clean his ass with them...
Explain, explain....
greetings from Spain
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