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You can try putting canned crushed pineapple in her food - it makes the resulting poo taste terrible. Poo-eating is pretty common - imagine, the pups saw that their mother ate their poo to keep the nest clean, so pups often adopt same habit. Also many wild canids NORMALLY eat the poo of their prey animals (deer, etc.) and domestic dogs typically enjoy snacking on sheep, goose, cat poo, among other species' poo... current theory says that there are digestible proteins and necessary bacteria that the dog can smell in the poo, so they "self-medicate" by eating it.
Aside from the pineapple trick, you just need to prevent her from eating poo she finds - re-directing her attention to you and rewarding her attention with a "high-value" treat like a bit of cheese or sausage. It takes 6-10 weeks to stop a bad habit, and if there is regression, you are back to square one.
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