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Default Second Herding Session with Luna

So we took Luna herding again on 1-1-11. She was INCREDIBLE. Here is a link to the channel with her videos:
Just look for Luna and Herding in the label and click on it. I am the gimpy handler with the hat.
She did really super on the sheep - much better than my German-Bred GSD, Kiri, who wanted to EAT the sheep. Luna had to stay "out" away from the sheep more than the other dogs - seems that the sheep got "light" due to her wolfier body silhouette. They allowed my Malinois very close, but Luna had to stay further and they were more anxious to crowd to me.
Luna "galloped" more than trotted, around the sheep (the other dogs trotted), but did not give hard eye - in fact, she gave a lot of polite calmng signals to them.
I will continue herding with her and my Malinois - I think my GSD is a little too hard on the stock (not to mention a challenge for my novice herding skills). Luna is also super about understanding "pressure" - not only pressure in regard to the stock, but also me as the handler. She is very sensitive to my eye and movement - incredible. Can't wait to see how she develops...
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