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Added "CZ breeding groups" feature in the Stat tool, let me know if it's working properly. You can also use + feature between IDs to simulate a mating.


Akim z Revíru vlku
Akim z Revíru vlku + Arielle la Seven Loup Cie


Here is what can help, I added "Breeding groups" to the tool, basically it search in a dog pedigree (or planned mating) the presence of another dog (and its %).

Let say I want to know if Cett Malý Bysterec has Amur z Dáblova kanonu in it's pedigree, I find both dog ID with Find ID, then in "Enter dog ID:" I enter the ID of Cett Malý Bysterec (6382) and in "ID to check in pedigree: " the ID of Amur z Dáblova kanonu (796) It gives: http://www.amicale-chien-loup-tcheco...d_to_check=796

=> Amur z Dáblova kanonu is not in Cett Malý Bysterec pedigree

Check for Káj z Rosíkova CS in Cett Malý Bysterec pedigree: http://www.amicale-chien-loup-tcheco...d_to_check=929

=> Káj z Rosíkova CS is in Cett Malý Bysterec pedigree, and we see how.

Check for Dinon Dánon Fehérlófia in Oliver Passo del Lupo pedigree: http://www.amicale-chien-loup-tcheco..._to_check=1043

NB: we can also use the + operator to check for a mating, for exemple does Cutt ---dell Irco Sortiere--- (3584) would be in pedigree of Furcas z Peronówki (781 + Orion Eden severu (796, I enter 7818+7968 in Enter dog ID and 3584 in ID to check in pedigree: http://www.amicale-chien-loup-tcheco..._to_check=3584

Does Cita z Doušova dvora would be in pedigree of Furcas z Peronówki + Orion Eden severu : http://www.amicale-chien-loup-tcheco...d_to_check=924

And so on...
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