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Originally Posted by Vicky View Post
I know Draggar's already talked about this, but I just want to point out that while it's very sad that something as "small" as a dog being skittish or reserved on a leash can be a problem, with something as important as actual work for a dog, it's enough to wash a dog out of a program entirely. Of course you only hear stories of fantastic dogs helping the blind, disabled, etc, that have perfect temperaments and all that, but what you DON'T typically see are the number of dogs that wash out of those programs at various stages. Once it's known that a dog won't be able to be used as a reliable service dog, larger organizations have rescue systems in place with waiting lists a mile long to adopt the dogs that don't make it. This case is similar, only it's just one family doing the work, so they don't have a network already in place with homes lined up around the corner. It takes a really strong character in a dog to be able to work all day long and take everything in stride, and while I'm sure Pollux will make a fantastic pet, he obviously would be miserable if he were asked to work all day.
Oh, sure, but if you are planing to have just a servise dog (with a possibility to give him away, if he or she won't be suitable for this kind of work), maybe you should FIRST choose another breed! CsW are known to be "one person's dog", the change of the owners could be more difficult for them, etc.
SECOND - if you still want a CsW to be a servise dog, please, spend some time to study the lineages, to contact various breeders in various countries, etc. Just buying a puppy from the first one who agrees to sell it to you in this case is a Very Bad Idea.
Of course, these words will not change the situation of Pollux - but maybe other people will read it before buying a "future service dog" from a farm, just because "it looks sooooo beautiful"...
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