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Ref service dogs

It depends on what exactly the dog is being trained to do and how much the dog is relied on.

For example Nyle my own service dog was originaly matched to someone else. On the initial meeting however, it was decided that he wasn't suitable for that person the main reason being hiw querks.

For a man with set ideas as to what his dog should/shouldn't do, a dog with a strong left hand preference, a dislike of right turns, a temperament which is on the nervous side and the odd psycho motor seizure, wasn't going to work.

So they offered him to me instead, clearly explaining what his issues were, though the seizures were something that appeared after I got him. Whilst he's not my first dog, he's my first service dog, obviously they thought I could handle him.

He has improved given time and encouragement but no, he isn't always the easiest dog to work with. However, I knew this when I took him on.

Perhaps Pollux could still be a service dog, just to someone who is 'less disabled' and or can/is prepared to work with/tolerate the querks for want of a better word.
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