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Originally Posted by jmvdwiel View Post
Do you already know how many pups from which sire?
I was just talking to a friend why this is not done more often.Was the female covered bij two males with natural breeding or a mix of sperm for insemination?

Hello Judith!

It was done by two natural covers. However to our great surprise, all puppies of the litter of seven were sired by the second stud we used. The covers were 12 hours apart, the timing was correct for the first cover (48 hours after ovulation by LH and blood progesterone) But it is nature..

We hope to try again with another two males for a future litter. For me the chance to increase the available genetic diversity in a shorter amount of time is worth it.

Sometimes, however, such breedings are not allowed by certain kennel
clubs, or stud owners do not want to participate in a dual-sired litter.
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