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A mio avviso è più assurdo che nello standar del clc non ci sia anche un massimo di altezza al garrese,con questo stratagemma ci credo che il clc non ha problemi in questo senso! (risparmiatemi la storia della molteplicità del garrese dei Lupi,please!)
There was time where there was maximum in the standard - the fault were height by dogs smaller than 65cm and bigger than 70 cm for males and smaller than 60 cm and bigger than 65 cm for females. Still if you will visit dog shows where old Slovakian judges judge you can hear description "too high". Really. Now it is not a fault but it is not welcome. I don't know exactly why they removed it - maybe because there were problems with too small dogs (because of high inbreed), maybe something else. One time I will ask them...
Anyway you can still find an advice in the bonitation card:

A Altezza
n meno 65cm
s 65-70 cm
v oltre 70 cm
n meno 60cm
s 60-65 cm
v oltre 65 cm

the letters n, s, v means:
n - nízký (Eng. small)
s - standardní (Eng. standard)
v - vysoký (Eng. large)
So it means typical male is 65-70 cm, and female 60-65 cm. And I really know case where Slovakian breeder was very, very lucky that on the bonitation his female was measured 65 cm and not 67 cm as he though...

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