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Originally Posted by plongeuse View Post
Since some time sweetie Eywa is marked "?" !

So I just present it to you ! That is Eywa du Domaine de la Combe Noire, daughter of Bakal du Domaine de la Combe Noire and Volos Crying Wolf ! This is a lovely dog, very affectionate and not shy !
Here are some photos, you will notice how much she does not look like a Czechoslovakian Wolfdog! My favorite mongrel !
Are you pretending you are stupid just to advertise your dog?
Your dog's father is from a kennel, that might be breeding mix-breed dogs. That is why your dog is marked with questionmark. Is there a real need to create a topic for every dog, marked with questionmark and complaine complaine complaine?... This is becoming really ridiculous...
Walkiria Girios dvasia

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