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Vassil_Vassilev 02-07-2014 13:37

CSWolfdogs and children
Hi all,

Everywhere I read about the CSWs and children I found how they are behaving with children which are already in the family, and that it is OK. Nothing is written if a new kid is born in the family, after the dog is already there. Could you please share some experience or advice on this.


trattodallupo 11-07-2014 10:14


André 12-07-2014 13:38

I have a very complete experience about that because my daughter was born:
- when my female czw was already 2 years old, so she had to get used to a baby
- before my male czw was born, so he was used to her from the beginning

My female is very dominant. But she's very used to the baby, licks her, is ok with crying and all noises, her presence, etc. She's calm but I NEVER let them interact without one of us monitoring, we don't trust completely because she's subtle preparing her reactions.

My male is veeeery docile but can't measure his body with a fragile baby :) So again, we are a bit cautious with them interacting but just because he's blunt and awkward approaching her :) He's completely in love with our baby, licks her a lot, wants to be near all the time.

This being said, I think it's an "ok dog with children" but far from a Labrador in this topic.

Tom Bombadil 26-07-2014 13:17

you have to take in consideration not only your dog, but also the kid that is going to be with him.
for example, I have a male CSV and several little children come often: if the kids are afraid of dogs, and they scream, run, etc... then the dog gets nervous, and its better not to have them together... but if the kid likes dogs, and he is not afraid, then the dog undertands, and treat him wth calm and respect.
One funny and crazy example is a 3 year old kid that really likes the dog, he is always asking about him, and when he comes, kid and dog are playing together, and even the kid opens his mouth to let the dog lick him !
Other considertation: the place. If kid and dog are in the ouside, on a soft and beatiful green grass.... then perfect; if the dog makes the kid fall, no one gets hurt... but in the inside of a flat, or with hard stone floors, or dangerous table corners around... things like that... carefull; big chance of having an accident.
for last: I never let my dog alone with kids younger than 10. Just in case.

Gypsy Wolf 28-01-2018 21:54

As an Ethologist (someone who studies animal behavior in the animal's environment rather than a laboratory) & longtime dog trainer I do not ever recommend dogs & children together unsupervised. Children have body language & behaviors that can create fear & defensive behavior in dogs. I will say that, in my experience, CsVs are generally cautious when it comes to biting - they generally avoid conflict (which makes sense - Mother Nature says "run away today & live to fight another day" - any fight needs to be worth dying for as even a small injury can get infected & kill it's host). In the wild, wolves love puppies - the whole pack is involved in the rearing of pups. Studies show pups secrete hormones that stimulate the production of oxytocin (the "love hormone") in adult pack members so I would not be surprised to find out human infants do the same. I would actually be less worried to have a youngster interact with a CsV than with other breeds. I always advocate supervision of course - it is not fair to expect ANY animal be tolerant of abusive behavior - but in my own experience CsVs tend to be good around polite little ones.

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