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Cowboy Bebop 02-09-2016 11:40

Second dog as a compagnion for my CSW
Hi all,

I'm currently visiting breeders for buying a CSW (bitch) next year.
Because a CSW is not recommended to leave alone while working, we're looking for a second dog.

We currently already have two options: a fox terrier (male) and a hybrid Tibetan terrier x dwarf schnauzer (my wife's dog, also a bitch).

The problem is:
1. The fox terrier was adopted and did not receive proper upbringing or socialization because of his previous owner. His temperament is rather anxious and cowardly which causes him to bite strangers who approach too near or when they turn their back. He has food aggressiveness and also pees indoor.
So, we are afraid his unstable character might negatively influence our CSW pup.

2. The hybrid Tibetan terrier is our well loved dog. She's well socialized and stable. The problem is that we're afraid that a TSW might be too rough with her while playing and possible sex aggressiveness. She only weights 11 kilos / 24 pounds and is already 7 years old. So we would like to spare her.

Based on the characteristics of the CSW, what dog would be the best possible companion for a CSW during the day, regarding breed and temperament?

We currently have the option to adopt a 5 year old border collie. He's stable, socialized, a price winner in obedience competition. Is this a good match or are there any other dog breeds that are known to be a good match with a CSW?

Also, we would like to avoid any fighting dog breeds (pitbull, etc ...) since we have small children.

Kind regards and thanks in advance,

Rona 04-09-2016 13:17

I think you have too "technical" approach to the issue. Dogs are like humans, some like each other, others don't get along well. Especially vlcaks are very individual, and strongly vary one from another re the character, temperament and relation preferences. Most adult vlcaks are hostile towards other unknown dogs of the same sex, but again, it's quite a complicated issue with many variations of behaviour. E. g. my female accepts several females, especially if she's known them since they were pups, or accepted them to her "extended pack" by meeting them regularly at walks. It all depends on the pup's character and the level of socialization with other dogs when they are young.

Predicting what relations your future CSV would have with other dogs is like predicting what friends your unborn baby will make at school.

Nobody is a prophet here. :)

BRUCH 27-09-2016 16:44

whit a lot of work ....can do all

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