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yukidomari 20-01-2011 02:14

Endurance sports in the US?
I don't think there are IPO ZVP titles here, so are there any other titles to be had regarding endurance runs in the USA?

I know the Dalmatian Club of America has their own title for dogs that complete endurance runs alongside horses, but it's open to Dals only.

Anything else to be had in the states?

GalomyOak 20-01-2011 04:32

Schutzhund Ausdauerpruefung (AD)

yukidomari 20-01-2011 04:48

I saw that before, but I was thinking something more along the lines of the IPO events, because the one in SchH events (20km @ 12-15km per hour) seem really easy in comparison to the ZVP...

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