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Owner name:G., Lefteris
Kennel name:Wolf saga
kennel breeding dogs with FCI registered (or recognized) pedigrees

2021-06-01 - Wolf saga
Cresil II z Peronówki x Nitra Malý Bysterec

Earliest date of pick up:2021-06-01
Sire:Cresil II z Peronówki, HD: A, ED: A (0-0), DM: N/N
3 x CWC, 1 x Best Male, 1 x res. CACIB
Dam:Nitra Malý Bysterec, HD: A (0/0), ED: A (0-0), DM: N/DM
2 x BOB, 1 x BOG 4., 2 x Best Junior, 2 x Youth Winner, 1 x BIS 3. (Junior)
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