Draco z Peronówki

General information
Name of the dog:Draco z Peronówki
Breed:Czechoslovakian Wolfdog
Date of birth:2005-06-20
Breeder:z Peronówki (Peron, Margo)
Owner:K., Detlef & Angela
Coat color:wolfish brown-grey
Coat length:short
Registration no.:VDH
Pre-registration no.:PKR.I-56075

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Breeding information
Approved for breeding:YES
Height at withers:68.5 cm
Bonitation code:VN (sm)
Index of height:0
Index of format:0
Index of head:0
Wright coefficient:
AVK coefficient:
Line breeding:
Blood lines:
Working & training
Work & training:-
Health information
HD:A2, (DE) Wurster [ update info ]
ED: [ update info ]
Eyes:free [ update info ]
Heart: [ update info ]
Dwarfism:N/DW, unofficial [ update info ]
DM:N/N, (DE) Laboklin [ update info ]
MH: [ update info ]
DNA: [ update info ]